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Information on the Court Rolls supplied by Mr. B.Barber - Senior Archivist, Doncaster Archives.

Conisbrough Manorial Court Rolls run in an almost unbroken sequence for seven hundred years from 1265 to 1935.  The Court Rolls consist of over 150 parchment rolls running in date from 1265 to 1716 and a further 14 volumes for the period from 1717 onwards.

The Manor Court met a dozen or so times a year and it had the right to govern the sale, purchase and inheritance of land and, in earlier centuries to regulate many aspects of the life of the community.  The contents of the Court Rolls are a major source of historical information about Conisbrough and the other places that fell within the boundaries of the Manor. Before the Parish Records begin in 1555, they are virtually the only source of information.

In 1981 Tim Macquiban, the Senior Archivist at Doncaster Archives, was approached by a resident of Conisbrough with a query about the whereabouts of the Manorial Court Records. A search began that ended in 1982 with the location of Lady Diana Miller’s agent and the discovery that records were in his possession.  Doncaster Archives then gained the approval of Lady Diana to transfer her records to the safekeeping of its archive strong room in July 1982.

Here the records, in an air conditioned and humidity controlled environment, have been housed securely for over two decades.